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Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
tradition going back 91 years. president obama, the first lady and daughters, malia and sasha flipped the switch lighting up this mighty spruce. somewhere in the crowd, through the fog is mark segraves. a little rain didn't stop the crowds from coming out, mark? >> reporter: absolutely not. the wind is making it much worse. when the wind blows, it makes it cold. you can feel the rain. a lot of people have been trickling out. thousands remain. the queen of sole just wrapped up. we are getting ready to hear from train momentarily. a half hour to 40 minutes ago, the first family showed up and flipped the switch. >> we are going start at five. >> yeah let's do five. >> because it's a little wet. we shouldn't start at ten. all right? everybody ready? >> yeah! >> five four three, two, one -- >> whew! ♪ >> reporter: there you have it the 91st lighting of the national christmas tree. this is different than any other previous national christmas tree because it has its own twitter handle the national tree. if you want to tweet it it has a twitter handle. we are about to hear from the rock band tr
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
crash is going to take a year, if not longer. that is the latest live here in new york. i'm jay grary, news 4. >>> president obama says the united states will continue to lead the way to find a cure for aids. the president announced a $100 million project at nih to find a cure. he says the u.s. passed an ambitious goal in helping other countries combat aids. so far, close to 7 million people received life saving treatment through american efforts. >> if we stay focused, if we keep fighting and honor the memory of those that we have lost, if we summon the same courage they have displayed by insisting on whatever it takes, however long it takes, i believe we are going to win this fight. >> the president reminded people that the affordable care act allows you to get tested for aids for free. people with aids, they cannot be denied insurance coverage under this new health care law. >> veronica is in for doug with the weather forecast. what a warm up out there. >> pretty nice out there today, guys. it's been one of the warmest days in over a week. we have some cloud cover, of course. a lot
Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
been fighting illness for a year or longer. he became south africa's first black president. president obama spoke to the nation a short time ago. >> we have lost one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings we will share time with on this earth. he no longer belongs to us, he belongs to the ages. >> what made nelson mandela great was precisely what made him human. we saw in him what we seek. >> good evening from washington. in its own way is in a state of mourning tonight. nelson mandela was historic figure, inspiration and role model for africans, south africans, but americans as well in our own troubles racial history and struggle to overcome that mirrored to americans in the life and the struggle and the suffering and then the triumph and the leadership of nelson mandela whose passing at 95 was noted by his successor, south african president, jacob zuma. >> yet, what made nelson mandela great was precisely what made him human. we saw in him what we seek in ourselves. and in him, we saw so much of ourselves. >> reporter: one of those who says he was espec
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3